Comprehensive Green Protocol

To overcome the ever-increasing shortage of natural resources and unsustainable waste management practices, a ‘comprehensive green protocol’ was required. In view of this, a consortium of experts and dignitaries from the partnering organizations (DSTE, PPCC, PU, and APSCC) had joined hands to conduct the “State-Level Awareness Program on Sustainable Waste Management – 2017-18”, a 30-day program conducted across all four districts of the Union Territory of Puducherry.  The collective knowledge gathered from the program has resulted in the creation of the ‘Comprehensive Green Protocol’ as a guide for Universities, Colleges, Schools, Industries, Tourism Sector, Hotels, Hospitals, and other organizations to carry forward the stated missions of the program. The protocol is expected to serve as a tool and guide to all stakeholders to commit to Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Development. thereby creating a healthy environment for the campuses and communities at large.

Principles for the green protocol was adopted partially from UN Conference on Environment and Development called the Rio Declaration (1992) and Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030).
The Comprehensive Green Protocol (GCP) even includes a guide to implement and measure the result through factual means. The protocol was grouped under different heads such as Water Management; Soil Conservation and Sustainable Food Production; Clean Air; Energy Conservation; Sustainable Management of Waste Resources; Sustainable Use of Natural Resources among Others.


Link to the Complete Green Protocol: Green Protocol – Book