Climate and Vulnerability Assessment of ‘Ayee Kulum’

The disappearance of ecosystem services, from India and the world at large, is a well-accepted fact. The unseen aquifers are either irreversibly or reversibly threatened and even the available water is dwindling. Currently, due to extensive urbanization, even the important cultural/ historical/ heritage sites are facing serious threats. A heritage site that currently needs attention, is – ‘Ayee Kulum’ at Oulgaret Municipality of Puducherry.  This report, prepared under the direction of Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, provides a background on aquifer, cone of depression, saltwater intrusion, formation and effect of sinkhole along with the details about Muthiraiyarpalayam Head Works of Public Works Department. Apart from other threats, 28 site-specific serious threats (human factors), that needs immediate attention were identified and recommendations were provided. Along with this, to promote ‘ecotourism coupled with cultural heritage tourism’, ‘unique selling propositions’ and measures for immediate rejuvenation were also identified and recommended in this report. To further the Government of India and Puducherry initiatives; pond rejuvenation and its relevance to sustainable development goals and a green protocol for lake/ pond were also highlighted.

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