Marching towards a green campus!

Department of Social Work, Pondicherry University in association with the Centre for Study of Social Exclusive and Inclusive Policy and APSCC organized a seminar on “MARCHING TOWARDS A GREEN CAMPUS” on 02-Aug-2018 at the Silver Jubilee Campus, Pondicherry University.

Seminar Topics Covered:
1. A step towards green protocol compliance @ Pondicherry University

— Dr. Golda A. Edwin, MSc., Ph.D., Executive Director, APSCC
2. Why cross-studying waste in France and in India?

— Mr. Mattis Pacaud, France
3. Resource recycling approach for green campus initiative @ Pondicherry University

— Dr. M. Nandhivarman, MSc., MBL, Ph.D. Secretary-General, APSCC
4. Informal and formal waste pickers in Paris and Puducherry

— Ms.Tara Singh, France