Climate and Vulnerability Assessment of ‘Kanagan Lake’

Green Protocol is a set of non-negotiable and/or standard operating procedures (SOP) where environmentally responsible practices, education, and research go hand-in-hand thereby creating a healthy environment and community. Starting from ponds to lakes, catchment areas, streams, rivers, and even oceans got irreversibly polluted. Extensive urbanization and urban sprawl is the main root cause for such kind of water-related threats and associated environmental issues. One such polluted site, that currently needs attention, is the Kanakan Lake at Oulgaret Municipality of Puducherry. Waterbody restoration measures initiated by, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, had furthered this research study in association with Dr. Golda A. Edwin and Dr. M. Nandhivarman (Pondicherry University Alumni) and the APSCC. The report highlights, lake details, the voluntary efforts taken by a cluster of educational institutions; the Government of India and Puducherry initiatives; pond rejuvenation and its relevance to sustainable development goals; green protocol for lake/ pond. Among various other threats, 22 site-specific serious threats, that need immediate attention were identified, carefully investigated and logical recommendations were provided. In addition, to promote ‘ecotourism’, unique selling propositions (USPs) and measures for immediate rejuvenation were identified and recommended in this report.