Sustainable Management and Promotion of Territory-2015

APSCC team was invited as a Committee Member for the round table in the “Sustainable Management and Promotion of Territory”-SIS-GPST-SMPT Summer School held at the University of Perugia, Italy. The School’s aim is to improve the management methods ability to safeguard – through the constant monitoring – the development of good quality of life, and the protection of environmental resources, especially landscape and biodiversity. This is to direct the processes of growth and innovation, aimed at safeguarding sustainable development which is repeatable and transferable. In this sense, science must facilitate the removal of barriers, which often imprisoned and overshadowed the ancestral values of the ancient societies, not to be approached as if they belonged to a museum, rather with the revival and rediscovery spirit: a kind of science that awards humanity. The growth of university research centers will characterize them, even more, as a window of consciousness together with their spirit of analysis, and the skills brought by all the autonomous self-decision-making people of the world society.

The participation in the SIS-SMPT gave the opportunity for everyone from all over the world to learn and touch directly the high level of theory and practice of the Strategy of Sustainable Development, jointly to the positive atmosphere, history and culture of Umbria.

APSCC team discussed Green Campus Initiative as a catalyst for the sustainable Management and Promotion of Territory

Over the period of time due to rapid urbanization and consumerist lifestyles, the natural resources are over exploited resulting in depletion and disruptions in natural cycles. The challenges are immense and complex. It was unanimously agreed that education is the most effective means to address the challenges the society faces today to create a better world tomorrow.

Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) are responding to these issues in a number of ways, from research to retro-fitting, to recycling and raising awareness, technically called as Green Campus Initiative (GCI).  Over a period of time these initiatives become well rooted and pave way for a green campsis2015us (GC) or sustainable green campus (SGC). The focus of the GCI is to reduce the University’s and HEI’s water footprint, energy footprint, ecological footprint and environmental impact through resource recycling, etc… Most of the actions are guided by the Green Campus Action Plan involving cooperation between students, professional and academic staff.

“The drive to attain the GREEN CAMPUS status is to serve as a model for global environmental sustainability where all the processes and operational functions of the campus are closely knit, providing educational and practical value to the institution and the surrounding environment”

We believe that the green initiatives will impact on the learning environment positively, and such measures will help the campus community to value nature and take care of it, by conserving it for the future generations.