Going Green in College

According to Affordable Colleges Online, Going green in college usually isn’t a solitary pursuit; there are plenty of other students who have the same goals, and most colleges have begun focusing on helping the environment. When choosing the right school to help meet those admirable goals, focus on the following possibilities:


When you look to sustainable agriculture for your food, you are going to become healthier, simply thanks to the lack of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals that make it into your meals. When a good local diet is combined with the exercise that comes from eco-friendly commuting, such as walking or riding a bike, your health gets even better.

When you switch to eco-friendly options, your costs go down. Installing LED lights and using a power strip to cut down on “vampire power” leads to lower costs for utilities. Riding a bike instead of using a vehicle cuts down on gas and maintenance costs. Even refilling your own water bottle can save a great deal of money over the course of a year.

Any steps to reduce energy consumption can help reduce global warming. Many of those effects are clear in the community right from the start. For instance, compost means healthier gardens, carpooling means getting to know new people, and spending time at workshops means learning more that helps students grow as members of the greater college society.

Going green in college can mean walking around campus or riding a bike to class. It can also mean forgoing a vehicle altogether and instead relying on carpooling or shuttle buses to get where you need to be. By leaving the keys behind, your transportation costs are much cheaper, and you do something good for the environment at the same time.

One of the first things those who want to go green will learn is that water isn’t really as free as it seems – turning on a tap is a luxury that many in the world don’t have. By reducing water usage, you are keeping a little more of that precious water in our lakes and streams. Over time, a little here and a little there really adds up.

There are those who look to you for the right answers. Perhaps it’s your sister or brother, or even your parents. Maybe it’s your friends. Your children, certainly, will benefit from seeing the way you act about the environment, as they will act accordingly. Your example can be a powerful catalyst for change for generations to come.

When you make a point of going green, you start to do things that are better for the world around you, and for the fellow beings that inhabit it. When you bike to class, you cut down on your carbon footprint. When you eat organic, you help ensure that livestock are raised well and slaughtered humanely. When you stay local, you pour money back into the local economy. It’s a wonderful cycle.

At the end of the day, going green saves money, makes you healthier, is kinder to the environment and leaves you with a clear conscience about your choices. There are few things in life more valuable than peace of mind.

Note : This original source of this article is Affordable Colleges Online